At my favourite pastry shop on Greek Street, Soho. They have a huge variety of delicious cakes and a rather bizarre decor, which actually suits the place very much.

2This is the decor – looks like they have never ever thrown away a thing since being open.

3Found this restaurant 9 years ago and I went in immediately, as being a Hungarian I was curious about the menu and also about the reason they called it GAY Hussar. Apparently, gay meant cheerful at the time when they opened, which I didn’t know back then. It’s just kind of funny now, as the area around is full of gay (meaning: homosexual) people. No problem, as far they have my favourite food there.

5Been to the St. Bride’s church, that is famous for two reasons: it is the so called journalist’s church, so they pray in the memory of all the journalists been killed while on a job and also, the tower of this church has inspired the now world famous wedding cake with several levels. Look at the image above and you’ll know what I mean.

IMG_1694Love lilac, reminds me of home and mothers day.

IMG_1700This book is just brilliant, cannot wait to see how the story evolves.

IMG_1722Hello Mr Zebra… at Liverpool Station. Love that song.

IMG_1723Trying on vintage hats at the Truman Brewery. They have a huge selection of vintage (smelly) clothes, some with a yellow armpit mark – such a price to pay for being über stylish, haha.

IMG_1724It’s amazing how most of the stuff they have there are still hanging around in most of the East-European wardrobes, while here, in London people go bunkers for them and they are sold for high prices, calling them vintage. I might as well just go the attic next time I’m at home.

IMG_1729Ethiopian vegan dish from the market at Brick Lane.

IMG_1737In bar 1001 with Emma and Festy




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