IMG_1417This guy lives around my place carrying this bag. I like the message of it, LOL.

IMG_1432I’ve found the coolest ninja fox while walking. Obviously, the bunny has suffered some major disease or was just born weird, too.

IMG_1468 On the bus wearing my platforms – they are surprisingly comfortable even with an ankle condition.

IMG_1446Some architectural / street decor elements at Stratford, reminding us of the Olympics last year. BTW, seen some stadiums being taken apart. What a waste of money and energy! There are people starving in the world, and it is ok (or is it??????) to build stadiums for millions of pounds just for week of use then take them apart for another couple of millions of pounds. It’s amazing how much contrast there is in the world!

IMG_1448Some Star Wars like architectural pieces at Excel.

IMG_1457The Excel building – it is incredibly huge and spacy. I was disappointed by the exhibition though. It was rather boring, I expected something better from the May Design Series.

1Getting some rest with Festy while waiting for the boys to arrive at the design show.

2With Festy, my blogger friend – she’s a great street – styler from Hungary spending some time in London.

IMG_1517IMG_1536The fabulous British ‘summer’ time – it’s been so cold, that I’ve been still wearing my winter coat and boots.

IMG_1521 IMG_1538Some London features captured on my way home – it’s been an extra busy week, glad to have some days off so my soul can catch up with my body and mind.

How was your week?


Anami, xx

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