www.anamiblog.wordpress.comWatching the world championship in ice hockey with Tom – I cannot seem to find the puck, this game is a total chaos for me. BTW, working the hippie style here.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comWent to see the newest accessory, jewellery and gift trends at Pulse 2013. It was huge, I got lost several times, but was interesting. I will soon post my favourite finds from the show.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comMy Pulse outfit. Love this necklace, got it from my father, it was made in the 80’s and he kept it for me since then so I can wear it when I grow up.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comOn my way to work there’s a restaurant at Islington Green. They usually decorate the street around – this cute bicycle with the flowers is part of it. It’s just so nice and welcoming.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comWorking the high pouf. Am actually getting bored with my hear, might change the style. Any ideas?

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comWalking near Talbot Road I passed by Kelly Hoppen’s studio. I know it’s nothing special, but still felt like sharing.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comI went to see the ‘Made in Clerkenwell’ jewellery show. It was concentrated, lots of designers in tiny little places. I found this weird bunny ring. What do you think?

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comMy absolute favourite was Barbora Rybarova‘s new quartz collection. This ring is a part of it, and I just loved it! I will show you the rest of the collection and the show soon.

So, how was your week? What was the most interesting part of it?


Anami, xx

One thought on “WEEK 20

  1. Szióka…1.kép: jól álltok egymásnak!!!!
    3.kép: csúcs ez a nyaklánc!!!
    8.kép beleszerettem ebbe a quarzba…
    P.S. Jó Téged legalább így látni!!!

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