IMG_0933Yes, there’s one week missing, I just didn’t have the time nor energy to make it happen. This week’s been hectic and tiring, but also great. Look what I’ve found on the streets of London near my work. First I couldn’t figure out how it is possible to stand on 2 wheels, but then I realized that it’s a 3 wheel car. What is the name for it, anyway?

IMG_1066This is feet, waiting for the underground.

IMG_1070Feet on the underground.

IMG_1068Feet at the station. Went a bit crazy, just like the idea of telling the story of objects – in case my precious feet 🙂

IMG_1082 Found this wonderful vintage shop of Annie’s in Islington, London. It’s like a paradise for glamour and chic.

IMG_1097This cat was very curious and well taught how to pose in front of the camera.

IMG_1098Nice collection and cute – on my way to a site in Islington. There’s actually a market with all kind of old things you might not need but won’t resist buying them.

IMG_1106I was cheeky and captured this guy on the underground, pretending am playing on my phone. Just like his Jesus style and he was also talking to himself – apparently he thought he was cool, too.

IMG_1118Went to Design Chelsea Harbour to find some fabrics. It’s interior design heaven!

IMG_1121Anja Rubik, my favourite model. She is so pretty and natural.

IMG_1122Aaaand last but not least some outfit inspiration. I love denim, especially the lazy chic style as above seen.

So, how was your week? What have you done?


Anami, xx

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