Including me… No comment.

It’s been a very busy week, both at work and in terms of blogging, too. I have a new app on my phone, called HEADSPACE, it’s for free, and gives you a guided meditation every day. I love it and managed to wake up a bit earlier every day just so I can do it before going to work. I’ve been meditating before, but still find this app extremely useful as it teaches you step by step without being pushy.

As quick spring has arrived to London it has already left. It is boring and sad again, not to mention the cold. So, it’s really meditation that keeps me going.

Been to Design Chelsea Harbour this week, it is fabulous as always. I love its atmosphere, it feels like Alice in Wonderland – at least for me. I could browse it whole day, every day. Ok, probably would be tired of it, but still, it is an amazing place to be design-wise.

We went for a trip to St Albans, which is a wonderful town close to London. Here are some pics I’ve taken – still in the city, though, the St Albans part will be featured in a post later.

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