As you can see I’m doing a monthly recap of the blogs I read, this time focusing on men and their contribution to the fashion blog world. The appearance of the blogs shown below is simply based on the timeline I’ve discovered them, it’s not a competition, just my personal reflection.

I am Galla

  • This guy, Adam Gallagher, is probably THE MALE BLOGGER at the moment. He’s from LA, the city of angels (he has an angel face himself, too) and he already rules Lookbook at the age of only 21. This is what he thinks on dressing up: “WHAT YOU WEAR IS HOW YOU PRESENT YOURSELF TO THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY TODAY, WHEN HUMAN CONTACTS ARE SO QUICK. FASHION IS INSTANT LANGUAGE.” He has a very eclectic style with some elegant hint and lots of free spirit.

Have a look at his website:




Smize Divat by Chaby

  • My personal favourite – this a Hungarian blog by Chaby. It’s extremely creative, crazy and colourful. He does lots of GIFs as well, capturing some funny elements of the originals to transform them to the next level. In terms of the outfits he has this extra touch, you literally want him to be your accessory, that’s how cool he is.

Check him out at:





Couture 4 u

  • Attila Kasz is the only male fashion blogger from Slovakia who writes in Hungarian. How is that cool? It is, because there are lots of Hungarians living in Slovakia, and also, as I’ve found, he is the only male fashion blogger in Slovakia at all, regardless the language. He rarely does outfits, however compensates it with other great posts on general fashion trends, inspirations and my fav, contemporary erotic art – all from a man’s point of view.

Visit his blog at:



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