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Islington, originally called Giseldone (1005) is a neighbourhood in Greater London with lots of great shops, cute little boutiques and restaurants. I made these pictures a year ago, at spring time, when the sun was getting warmer, yet you could still feel the chill of the retiring winter.

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I go to the station every time on my way to work, as I change lines here. Also, we’ve been working on a project here, so sometimes I have a site meeting in Islington. There’s a great bistro in front of the station on the left, it’s Italian with chatty servers and delicious sandwiches.

IMG_6009 IMG_6007 IMG_6006 IMG_6017


Islington feels like a different world to me. I love its glamour, that everything is just somehow smaller here, cosier. And one of my favourite shops is here, of course, Cass Art. It’s my wonderland!

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