This is what I’ve been practicing for a while. Ever since I came back to London it’s been a challenge to keep my inner balance and peace. I give thanks every day for all the wonders life offers me and for taking good care of me and my beloved ones.

Been thinking a lot what to do with my blog, whether I’m taking it to the right direction. I don’t really consider myself a fashion blogger, as I’m interested in many other topics as well, but do really enjoy styling others and myself for outfit shoots. Other than that I am preparing some more London/Metrodesign posts, as I have lots of drafts, just somehow they’ve got pushed behind recently.

The first giveaway ended yesterday, it was a great success I think – especially considering I’ve never done this before. We have 2 happy winners, and another surprise is coming up in June…

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, see you next week.


Anami, xx

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