Love this quote, quite striking… I’ve had a great week, discovered some galleries with Erotic art, so will post about them soon. Been working a lot, started to write for an online fashion magazine, FashionFave, will see how it goes. I went to see the pillow fight yesterday at Trafalgar Square, it was cool, funny and messy. Was actually a crowd of hundreds (if not thousands) of people, and then flying pillows and feathers everywhere. Was a great view!

I had a new encounter with a Hungarian fashion blogger, Festy. It was fun and finally I found someone who is as crazy when it comes to blogging as I am. Some people wouldn’t believe, but it’s a hard work, you need to love what you’re doing, otherwise it won’t worth the time and energy.

It seems that spring has arrived – very slowly, it was actually sunny and warmish yesterday. Been longing for it, my energy levels are hitting bottom. Oh, almost forgot: there’s an Art & Design show of Istanbul going on next week (12-15 April) in Victoria House! Now am off to enjoy Sunday, have a fab week everyone.


Anami, xx

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