Happy Easter everyone, have a great holiday! We have already made our special Easter potato salad and ham, I also made a delicious cheesecake, that fell from my hands, therefore ended up in the rubbish… Yay… (it was after I sliced it up, so we had the chance to taste it first)

Here’s some great stuff I’ve encountered this week:

  • Bought the F**k it Therapy book by John C. Parkin – it has the same concept as all the self-help, be happy books, but it’s funny, sarcastic and has a different verbal approach to the issue
  • Also a new book by Murakami Haruki: 1Q84 – looking forward to reading it, have no idea about the story yet
  • Watched the film trilogy 3 Colours – it is a French – Polish co-production, so do not expect any Hollywood cheesiness, it is way out of Hollywood’s league. It is weird, unusual, real and beautiful

Some ideas if you are bored:

  • Go and have a look at the David Bowie exhibition in the V&A
  • Come to Trafalgar Square next Saturday between 3-4 pm, it’s the international day of pillow fight, so please bring one along. The rules are simple: do not hit anyone with your camera while taking pictures, and most importantly do not hit anyone without a pillow

What to listen to:

  • Definitely the new Depeche Mode album, Delta Machine
  • Claude Debussy – Clair de lune
  • Enya – Caribbean Blue




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