The statement piece of this look is the skirt – found it with Orsi and Andika, and had to have it. It was £3 on sale, so it’s a must-have one. Love the flag theme and it has so many potential when styling. (All images belong to Anami Blog)

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It was the first time Tom made my pictures, so was a bit anxious at the beginning. It was also snowing, and freezing, so didn’t get further than our front yard. It is weird how people in England don’t have real fences, just some visually delimiting ones. It doesn’t feel so secure and cosy as back home.

5 6 7

Love this top, and also thought might be fun to try on my headband, as I’ve had them for ages, but never have worn. It gives the whole look a bit of a hippie vibe, I guess.

8 9 10


Boots – Deichman

Skirt – Bershka

Top – New Look

Cardigan – Bershka

Vest – Forever 21

Gloves – Mango

Bracelet – Reserved

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