It’s almost the end of March and guess what I saw this morning: SNOW everywhere! It’ s just sad and depressing, but I decided to dress up anyway and go out to take some pictures. I haven’t had the time nor help to create new looks for 3 weeks, so am glad to be back on the road again.

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This little bridge is just around the corner, and I like it so much. There is a small canal – people here call it a river, like they have any idea between the difference. Never mind, I like just to look at it, reminds me of home. It’s right behind our garden, full of ducks and gooses – they make horrifying noise when a fox catches them, real Hitchcock.

5 6 7

It was cold, freezing actually, but was nice to get out a bit, as our ‘darling’ neighbor keep watching her TV so loud that I can tell which part of Friends is on. So, waking up to that on Saturday morning is not a delight.

8 11 10 9


Boots – Deichman

Shorts – River Island

Jumper – Reserved

Belt – Primark

Scarf – have no idea

Jacket – New Yorker

Gloves – Mango

Necklace – Dorothy Perkins

Earmuffs – made by Orsi’s mom

Bag – Guess

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