True, very true…

I had a fantastic week. Monday back to work, lots of changes, lots of plans, hoping for the best. We went to see a Chelsea site, and bummed around some galleries, where Banksy was framed and commercialized. For the weekend my friends came to visit me, which felt like a bit of home was here with me. We went shopping, they dragged me through Oxford Street in the cold London rain, but it was worth it – got some cool pieces and had so much fun with the girls! Saturday shopping again, then the city – I showed them some real burgers…

Am still just adjusting to being back, keeping in mind the path I’ve set my feet on a while ago. Haven’t had time to read, but have a list of some goodies. Waiting for spring to arrive -had enough from the cold and windy.

See you next week, keep reading my blog 🙂



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