Well, yes, indeed, no wonder I haven’t had one for a long time…

Anyway, this week (and actually the last 3 months spent at home, in Slovakia) been all about challenge, learning and healing. Hopefully, I can continue what I’ve started once I’ll settle down in London again. We arrived yesterday, and I’m still adjusting. It’s more than weird, at certain points I actually wanted to just turn around and go back home. Am way too out of my comfort zone, hence life is here 🙂

The last week was fantastic. We went to ski – well, personally I couldn’t still because of my ankle, so I was walking a lot, discovering the Tatras. I found lovely places, breathed in lots of fresh air, and peace. After coming back from our short break, I had a photoshoot in a hospital during some surgeries– I was literally amongst all the doctors and assistants, while they ‘opened’ people… It was somewhat disturbing, yet an amazing adventure! I will post about it later this month – don’t worry, will edit all images to be ‘user-friendly’.

So, again, am back to London, will go to work tomorrow – visiting our new site in Chelsea. Some fresh style posts are coming up with new models, so stay tuned and have a wonderful next week.


Anami, xx

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