I do hope so…

Well,  I officialy missed the London Fashion Week, and all other great design shows in January and February, so now am already looking forward to May, and CDW. Last year it was fantastic, and so intense that it was hard to keep up.

This week has been all about recovery and other tricks of this great life. Am leaving soon, so it´s getting tense, actually am getting tense… Still so many plans, yet so little time.

I haven´t read a new novel this week, Oksanen was too much of an experience, so I rather enjoyed Osho and other spiritual writings. Watched Life of Pi, which was a big surprsise, as I hadn´t expected such a story at all. Also, Anna Karenina, finally I got access to it – seems to be the new Moulin Rouge but without singing. Great adoption, btw, and fabolous design

Have a great next week everyone,


Anami, xx

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