Wanna see some ugly? Go to Hounslow West… It´s towards the End of the World…


The only visually acceptable thing in the area seems to be the building of the station, design by Charles Holden during the London Underground “refurbishment” at the beginning of the 20th century.


We went to Hounslow West with Tom last August to visit our friends. Fortunatelly, it was just a short stay, as we travelled to the beach that day. The journey there was long from our house, but after coming out from the tunnel we could enjoy the view. The only cool thing spotted at this area is Heathrow airport. On one hand, it is extremly loud, but on the other hand you can watch planes landing and taking off from such a proximity, that sometimes it makes you feel as they will literally hit you.




3 thoughts on “ROUTE 9 – HOUNSLOW WEST

  1. I have passed Hounslow West many times to and from Heathrow but never got off. Will do so on my next trip and admire the imposing monolith of Charles Holden!

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      Yes, Charles Holden´s work is fantastic, I admire his work so much. I´ve just seen on your website the upcoming exhibition, wow, looking forward! will be back to London by that time, so will definitly go and see it.

      1. Hope you’ll like it! Even after all that, there are still many places in the Tube left for me to discover. Just realized why I never got off at Hounslow West – 30kg luggage!!!

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