Just found this on Pinterest, and felt like sharing.

I had a wonderful week, met many great people again. Did a photoshoot at a kindergarten, where kids had masquerade. It was so much fun, lots of ninjas and princesses, they were dancing, singing, having kids champaigne and posing for my camera. Their parents will be delighted when they´ll see the pictures.

My ankle is getting better and better, this week I had finally walked in my fav platform shoes, yay! Went to the theather  to see the Love Story – was lovely, nothing really sophisticated, rather relaxing. I also saw the Gangstersquad in the movies – again, nothing deep, sometimes cheesy, but it was worth it, as my friend pointed out very thoughfully, Ryan Gosling looks good even with bleeding nose, haha…

But, to compensate intellectually, I read an amazing book by Sofi Oksanen, called Purge. (thanks to my darling friend, Eva) It´s about women, suffering and the loss of freedom in the Soviet regime. The narrative is so engaging and colourful, that you will find yourself  immersed totally. It is a must-read-book!

Wishing you all a great next week!



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