Yes, indeed. Although, yesterday they made the noise…

Time runs away so fast, that I have to keep my eyes open to gather some memories in this rush. Am still having physio, had some old and new encounters and read a good book. It was from Murakami Haruki, South of the Border, West of the Sun, a very original and minimalist novel. It is about 2 friends, Simamoto and Hadzsumi, who got separated, but life brings them together again and offers them a chance, a weird one. I really enjoyed the book, it was exactly what I needed, a simple, quiet and deep story.

I spent the weekend in Bratislava, saw lots of images of Cuban horses, and ate some delicious food. Had a walk around the lake, watched my old Italian favourite, STATE BUONI SE POTETE and laughted a lot with the girls. Noticed, that alongside the RegioJet´s path sadly there are no Hungarian signs, just occasionly some handwritten ones, added by the locals.

I have lots of photoshooting coming up, the next one is in half an hour, so I better hurry up.

See u next week,

Anami, xx

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