The motto of my week! After 2 weeks of physio my ankle is getting better and more flexible – I am working out twice a day, and now I´m able to walk without any help. I will return to London in 5 weeks, after finishing my physio schedule. So, yes, progress is progress, no matter how small!

Other than that I did a great photoshooting yesterday of my fabulous friends, you can check them out from the following week. It was so much fun, but hard work, too, and the results are just amazing, all of them are beautiful! (they are anyway, of course, but luckily I managed to get out of them something they might not show in every day life) I like showing different kind of people, they are all wonderful, and it makes me happy when they see it, too.

 Thanks for reading, have a lovely next week, see you then.


Anami, xx


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