A week full of new experiences! First, I started my physiotherapy, so working out has been taking up my days. It´s hard, but essential in order to get back on track – and to be able to wear high heels again sometime 🙂 Then, I visited a parapsychologist, to get some help dealing with my panic disorder. Well, it was more than shocking. We took a mental-spiritual journey together, actually I took it, she was just guiding and supervising me. I felt lots of things and it took me days to “digest” all I experienced. I´m seeing her again next week, looking forward.

Another new encounter is through a book about angels and higher energies, it´s a Hungarian book by Berente Ági, she talks about angels and different energy levels, and their manifestations. It all seems so natural and easy as she describes them, it has really got under my skin.

As you can see, I got carried away with spiritual experiences, guess it´s the first time I have ever mentioned them on my blog, however they are a part of my everyday life. But, let´s talk about fashion and style – from this week on I will post looks not just mine, but my friends´, all kind of REAL women, to show how different we are, yet how pretty and stylish everyone can be, regardless shape, age or any other kind of differentiation. Hope, you´ll get inspired and brave to express yourself!


Anami, xx

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