My motto for the week

Another week is gone – this time with a lot of development! I can finally start walking without my walker – am slow like a snail and have an extremely stiff ankle, but am getting there. What a relief, after 6 weeks! Now I can start the physio next week.

Another change is that I finally did my first photo shoot for the streetstyle section – it was exciting, yet somewhat awkward. Am not that comfortable in front of the camera than behind it. Speaking of which, I also photographed my friend Eva. You can check her looks out from next week, and there are some others to pose for me soon.

Yesterday I watched Julia&Julie (Meryl Streep is just fantastic), a nice film about Julia Child and a blogger, who challenges herself by cooking more than 500 recipes in one year. It made me thinking about my blog – I´ve been putting so much energy and effort into it, and I really enjoy it, yet sometimes am not quite sure whether there´s a point doing it… (This is the part where you cheer me up and say: “of course, there´s a point doing it”. Thanks in advance.)

So, a lot to do next week anklewise and pretty much just keep going and hang in there.



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