So, I start my diary – my weekly reflection. As it turns out I forgot my camera with all my pics in our cottage, so this post is without them. Not so tempting, is it? After the holidays it´s a bit hard to get back into “normal”.

My leg is still in a walker, so dancing is not an option yet – although I tried it while sitting on my bed (must have looked hilarious). I´m still collecting ideas, waiting for being recovered and able to go shoot a lot of images. London is postponed – my hubby returned though, so now am missing him a lot. I will probably go back at the end of the month.

I´ve discovered lots of fashion blogs this week, will share them later. Was pretty surprised and pleased that there are so many from Slovakia and the Checz Republic, too. (sadly just 2 proper Hungarian ones on my list so far, so please do share the rest with me)

I watched again the Sun under Tuscany yesterday, a film that made me fall in love with Italy a long time ago. The story is supposed to be a soulfood, would say the grandmother of Eat Pray Love, nothing sophisticated, just a simple, lovely film.

Have u made any resolutions? I used to have a list every year – of course with the same stuff around and around, mostly silly things. This time it´s different… This year is about getting better professionaly and about CBT, to get rid of my panic disorder. Well, good for me, haha…




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