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Another week in bed. Pretty much that´s it. I had lots of time working on my blog, planning ahead, making drafts. My plaster got removed, now I have a walker, but still not allowed to step on my leg, cannot wait for being able to wear high heels again. Long way to go…

Other than that, I finally got to see my newborn nephew – never thought a baby could be this tiny, he is wonderful, cannot get enough of him. I also started styling on Asos Fashion Finder and achieved a Rising Star status – already shared some of my sets on my Facebook page (Chic&Go).

And Christmas is just a week away – somehow this time I´m not really in a holiday mood, which is weird. Anyway, hope will get there soon – I prepared some more post on it for next week. At the moment being isolated and not able to go out is driving me crazy – there´s either ice or rain, so not really safe for crutches.

Hope you enjoyed my blog this week, and you´ll keep coming back. Let me know what you think!


Anami, xx

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