Well, this has been a week! We have a beautiful newborn baby in our family! Unfortunatelly, I haven´t seen him yet, as after my ankle surgery I spent the whole time in bed.  (funny and awkward story with my ankle injury, apparently, belly dancing is one hell of a dangerous hobbi to have) I finished the fifth season of Desperate Housewives (no comment) today and kept planning and preparing blogposts for the future (lots of new ideas, but have to wait until I can walk again).

There are already some changes on my blog, was kinda experimenting with the look – I always find something I want to change (probably should start with myself, though). That reminds me to mention the book am reading: Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi. I know, the title is a bit tacky, but it is actually a very interesting reading. Mostly about how to overcome fears and phobias while creating new patterns within the brain.

Anyway, here I am, reflecting on the past few days while listening to my new favourite song – Wildest Moments from Jessie Ware, it is just wonderful. My friend is coming back from her Mexico trip, so am looking forward to her stories and pictures – will tell you about it next time…

Have a wonderful week everyone,


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