I remember my first journey to this part of the city – it seemed to be a whole new world to me. So much elegance and style is going on, all the beautiful buildings and design shops – it´s overwhelming. I did an internship there at Austin Interior Design while studying at uni and loved every moment of it. It felt special.

I love that Art Deco building opposite the V&A, all the museums, all the beauty, all the glory of South Kensington. When I´m there I truly believe in fairy tales…

We found this cute little place just off the station, selling all kinds of cheese and colorful cakes.

This area is all about culture, there are 3 major museums which will keep you entertained and amused all day long. The National History Museum has a huge dinosaur right at the entrance hall, while the Science Museum runs crazy experiments and has lots of machines that you wouldn´t know how to use any more. The V&A is where design and fashion happen – I´m not quite sure about the glass chandelier in the hall, though. Another interesting thing to check out are those bullet and bomb holes in the building´s facade from the world war – they are kept to remember and honour those who fought.

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