Talking about make-up is not easy, as to be honest I´m not really good in doing it. I´ve always admired

those girls who naturally knew what to do when it comes to powder and foundation…

As a teenager I used to be the one who didn´t care, but I guess it was because of my lack of confidence.

Today I´m still a dummy and experimenting from time to time.  What I usually do wear is mascara, though, as my lashes are extra long – they push my glasses to the tip of my nose all the time…

Anyway, here are some of those make-ups I´ve found fascinating lately…

(All images are from Pinterest)

Let me know what you think 🙂

Maybe for New Year´s Eve or another party…
I love these neon colours together
Dramatic smokey eyes are always in – big fav of mine
Ok, again, not for everyday, but those fake lashes look fun. Have you tried any yet?
Another option for the smokey effect, but this time with parisian blue – looks fantastic!

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