Warning. This post isn’t a pink bubble. It’s my reflection on my pathetic habits… So, if you want some happy ending, then watch a Disney film…


I have a confession to make. I’ve built up a Facebook disease, a Twitter illness, an Instagram infection, a LinkedIn disorder and a Pinterest fever. This week I read a line on a blogpost, that really got me, it goes something like this (am sorry, but couldn’t find it again): ‘Life is too short to build an imaginary future on the Internet.’ Daaa…


5 years ago I was preparing for a date, I was running late so I texted the guy who replied asking me if I’m on Facebook. Knowing nothing about it that time, I thought he was hinting on me being late because am putting too much make-up on my face… (English is not my first language, so I assumed it was a phrase I didn’t know) I was wrong (about dating that guy, too). I got online, made a profile and started my addiction. Actually it was more of a ‘keeping in touch’ thing, as I’d just moved to London and was away from my loved ones. But! Of course, I went through the necessary stages of being out there: checking others, counting likes, putting too much ME online, but that didn’t last long. I had the same stages with Twitter and all the other bullshit.


Yes, they say if you don’t have an online page/profile you don’t exist, but it’s just soooo fucking tiring! There are so many devices and tools, it’s just impossible to keep up with everything and not going mad. Why is it so important to expose ourselves to the world? Why do we feel the urge to share so much when we hide what is really essential? Do we really care about how many times others went to the gym, what they ate and how their baby looked like exactly after coming out of the uterus?


I got so overwhelmed with social media, felt so much pressure being afraid of missing out on something, that I forgot about the real thing. Living the real life with real friends, real people.


As social media is a part of my job, I still kinda have to use it, but I’m trying to be reasonable… (long way to go) Apart from Instagram I don’t have any other apps on my phone, my FB profile is more of a tool for promoting the pages I manage. I don’t like Twitter, it’s just so energy consuming; however I found some nice people there. Pinterest is perfect for researching images for my visual library, but can put you off the track sometimes with all those perfect images and people. The good thing is that now you can link everything to everything, so even if you use just one online tool, you can still show it on all the others. (still annoying) Reminds me of a book I read recently: Cloud Atlas. It’s all about our mass destruction, consumption, and a projection of a possible future if we keep going this way…


So, let me know what you think about all this madness, and PLEASE, give me some tips on how to manage it.


Thanks a lot,





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