Another approach to reveal the coherences linked to the subject can be observed in Bristow`s writing, Sexuality, where he lists several issues that have not been mentioned so far. One of them is the problem of pornography, which highly relates to the notion of sex shops, and how it is criticised by feminists. As pornography is an integral part of erotic retail, this dilemma raises the question of how it effects the emancipation of women’s sexuality within society, which will be analysed later.

by Natalia Oros

Bristow observes how the notion of femininity evoked fear throughout history and criticises Foucault for his partial investigation in History of Sexuality. According to Bristow, Foucault focused on the male point of view, and therefore underestimated the importance of feminine sexuality. However, generally Bristow seems to share Foucault’s theory of power systems, their categorisations and the way they product meaning of sexuality.

Foucault’s philosophy is the starting point of Weeks’s Sex, Politics and Society in which British social history and the transformation of sexuality is investigated. Weeks introduces how sexuality became a social concern and was regulated emerging from Victorian prudery and hypocrisy. His book concentrates on three main areas: the nineteenth century attitude to sexuality, the establishment of sexology and the contemporary social policy in terms of the subject.

Weeks lists several legislations aiming to gain control over women’s sexuality and also introduces how social consciousness has changed over time. His writing is essential in order to understand the points of the previously mentioned theories, as Weeks offers a clear picture of the social and political background of them.

The above reviewed books suggest that sexuality and gender play a crucial part in the structure of society. Moreover that they exist not just within a hypothetical but also in a physical space such as the sex shop is. There are lots of criticisms that can be made about literature related to the topic of erotic stores observed through the relationship between sexuality and power in space.

This dissertation will further explore the issues of feminine sexuality and its interpretation in contemporary erotic space. Furthermore, the transformation of attitudes to sexuality and femininity will be the focal point of the additional chapters.


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